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Colmers School
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​​Sixth Form Applications Open​!



On behalf of Colmers School, I welcome you to our school website and learning portal.head.jpg
The Colmers learning community is based on a strong and trusting relationship between pupils, school and families as we jointly pursue excellence and fulfilment.
The core purpose of our school derives from our unrelenting pursuit of Achieving Excellence. Our values and beliefs determine that the way we pursue that goal is by Belonging Together and Challenging Mind-sets
Success or failure is not predetermined, neither is guaranteed, both are within our own and our community’s control.​
When our children feel safe, happy and optimistic about their future then they will always succeed. Each member of the Colmers Community plays an important role in creating these foundations for successful lives; personally, academically and professionally.
It is because we are a confident community we know that we can be even better and will always seek ways to work even more effectively amongst staff and with students and parents in this journey of continual improvement.
I invite all visitors to explore our website and in particular the following links to give you a better insight into Colmers as it is today and where we are taking it tomorrow…​
Mr Doherty



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​​Announcements and Letters


Letter to Parents - Open Evening and early closure sept 2014 (audio).m4a
Letter to Parents - Open Evening and early closure sept 2014.pdf
Dear Parent yr 8.pdf
Dear Parent yr 9.pdf
Dear Parent yr 10.pdf
Dear Parent yr 11.pdf
Dear Parent yr 7.pdf
Letter to Parents - start of term sept 2014.pdf
Colmers SEN information report July 2014.pdf
Trojan Horse Update.pdf
Self Harm Help For Parents Webinar.pdf
Letter to Parents - 10th July 2014 Industrial Action.pdf
Parent Letter summer 2014 Years 7-10.pdf
Parent Letter summer 2014 Year 6 final.pdf
Statement W Ketcher.pdf
SEN Conference.pdf
Letter to Parents - Industrial Action 26th March.pdf
Kenilworth Castle March 14.pdf
letter parents 120214.pdf
letter parents 110214.pdf
letter parents 100214.pdf
Letter Closure of School re Industrial Action 01-10-13.pdf
Return times for september 07 2013.pdf
Letter to Parents 12-06-13.pdf
Letter to Parents 07-02-13.pdf
letter parents early finish 2012.pdf
letter parents start of term sept 2012.pdf
M and S uniform letter.pdf
Letter parents pupil safety July 2012.pdf